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Electronic Sports Masters™
Electronic Sports Masters™
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63. Change Launcher from Blue Team
64. Put GPS option in game parameter as an option.
Enable/Disable (Allwasy active at the small GPS but show/hide marker on map)
NOTE - Not available
- Remove from PAWNEE the rockets
- Change texture for RED TEAM (WIP)
67. Using radio on base or sector.
If a ability its not available when the player its at the base or inside a sector, mark it on red + message.
69. Tickets
if player suicide or is force respawn then -1 side ticket
if player is killed by enemy or bleed out then -0 side ticket
60. Set by default to 400 points instead of 200 for each round.
Done - Increase to 400 and 5 tickets each 40sec.
63. Mission name its not correctly displayed.
Done - Its ESM_CH_Kalachori_S_v1.Altis instead of ESM | C&H Kalachori [SS] v1
64. Error message (see secreenshot on Discord)
Done - Error when i played as BLUE TEAM withthe Officer.
65. GPS on map
Done - Can you also implement that you can see your position when you open the map with the key "M". Like on the small GPS.
66. Message when you try to use the radio menu at the base or place the FOB inside a sector.
Done - See screenshot on Discord
67. Change BLUE TEAM choper by M-900
Done - With Digital camo and without dors.
59. Remove RAHIM from weapon menu
61. Implement a smal marker on the GPS (red cross) to mark the player position.
So we can set Veteran as default game difficulty.
62. Set in PARAMETERS the text in capital.
(Zone Markers and Player Markers)
53. Intro
Done - Now ther is no intro sound.
Done - Please, remove the messge about the translation.
55. All players
Done - Start with RPG or without weapon if you change the slot.
56. FOB
Done - All players mus have the ability to detroy the FoB, not only the Officer.
57. Message on screen
Done - Message “Waiting for all players to finish loading!” its always visible when you join the server or change slot after the game started. Can we remove it? its seems that there are sync problems with the server. Or can we put it only at the begin of the mission?
58. Medic 3x Smoke grenade insted of 1.
Done - Missing smoke grenades 3x
56. Weapon for Sniper and Engineer
Done - Set first his sepacial weapon and after the rest of weapons. (See screenshots)
51. Soldier respawn
Done - When soldiers die he dont respawn at the same position at the begin of the game.
52. Scoreboard backgrund.
Done - Not easy to see the scoreboard. Try with other background color.
54. Added MK200 for the Engineer
52. Each side has a his flag on his main base.
50. Scoreboard
Done - Columns with: Kills, Deaths, Friendly fire, K/D, Sector cap and Played time.
Done - Includ end resluts with flags ot the scoreboard.
43. Placed buildings on the editor are displayed on the map when you press M like there where set by BI
47. Intro. Adapt it to CTF format/standart
48. Wehicle respawn
Done (Vehicke respawns after 30 sec if is immobiliced)
41. Officer has the ability to create/remove a FOB (Forward Operating Base).
WIP - Each side (BLUEFOR and OPFOR has his custom FoB (Backpack). Not available ATM.
Done - If FoB is destroyed the Officer will have it available again after 5 min. Counter like recharging of Dron
Done - FoB can not be deployed inside a sector.
Done - FoB can be destroyed (Soldier animation)
Done - Tiem to create teh FOB 15 sec.
Done - Limite the spawn on the FoB to 10 times (sohw counter)
Done - Construction animation of the FoB
Done - It is posible to set a sound comming from FoB? Like a radio comunication sound?
Done - Officer can only place 1 FoB each time. He can remove it and place it in an other point (un-FoB) with the same animation and time to remove it.
Done - Put the saem animation that you use for deplay to undeply the FoB
Done - FOB sound (radio message) still available after unmonting it by the officer during 3 - 5 sec.
46. Timer at the bottom of the screen. See screenshot
48. Slots with special abilities.
Done - When you leave the mission and join again you will have again all the abilities available.
47. Change SPAWN name trought MAIN BASE (or somthing like this).
42. Non-entry area.
Done - Soldiers dies after 5 sec if he dont get out of the zone.
Done - The area is protected for both sides. The special abilities like artillery, airsuport, HALO jump etc.. can not be used/droped.
44. When you request a friendly airstrike near to the enemy respawn you get the sound from non-entry area when the airpkay overflie the zone. Can you remove it and put it only for the players?
45. Action Menu. See screenshot
40. Radio comunication when requesting support
4. With mobile respawn:
Done - He makes respawn after 30 sec when is destroyed change it to 3 min.
Done - Vehicle dont allow make respawn on it
Done -If the vehicle is inside the capture point no one can respawn
Done - Mobile respawn dont work. No selection available on the map.
Done - Change to, when the vehicle is damaged you can make respawn, but if is destroyed you can not make respawn.
29. 2x Mortar support for Officer (Mortar in a circle of 20m (10 projectiles each time). With 2 min delay at the begin of each game and can not be used from inside the respawn.
30. 2x Smoke barrier for Sniper. With 2 min delay at the begin of each game and can not be used from inside the respawn.
31. Ordering slots. Officer must be the first. The reverse(inverse of what there is now.
32. HALO Jump. Set a 2 min delayat the begin of each game.
33. Weapon menu. Now, if you select a wrong weapon you can not switch it until you are dead. Please, set an option that allow the player to change his weapon inside the respawn. See screenshot
34. Remove from vehicle AFV-4 Gorgor the 2x missil Titan and lock from STRIDER from Commander place the camera/vehicle cam.
35. Remove from Enginier 1x missil from RPG-42 Alamut, they have now 2 and they need only 1 by default.
36. Message for players when they are 20m from enemy non-entry (Message like: DANGER ENEMY BASE) area and if they leave they own non-entre area (Message like: WELCOME TO THE COMBAT ZONE)
37. Repair/refuel/amo amo for vehicles active each 10min. How can me make it visible that the station is again active after someone used it? Can we put a  flag with a personal image?
11. A final scoreboard showing every player stats. Like in CTF
20. Create a Reparation/Amo station. Put a amo box where a soldier can take amo.
Done - Repair/refuel/amo station for vehicles and soldiers. Where you can finde 2x RPG rockets, 2xLAW rockets. 2 AT mines, 2 demolition charges, 10 hand grenades, 10x smoke grenades.
Done - Wehicles are not repaired, no fuel, no amo. Amobox is ok.
Done - Repair/refuel/amo amo for vehicles active each 10min. How can me make it visible that the station is again active? Can we put a flag with a personal image?
- 2xMedic:
Special action: Can revive death soldiers. If a soldiers dies, he can respawn on one of the respawn points or wait during 30sec until the medic comes.Afther the 30 sec. the soldier dies or was revived by the medic.
Special accesories: Medikit
Done - If the soldier is dead: The medic needs 10 sec to revive him (is posible to have a progress bar?)
Done - If the soldier is wounded: The medic makes the same animation and need the same time as in the CTF
Done - Increase the time from 30sec to 5 min.
- 2xEnginer:
Done - Special action: Can repair vehicles if is not destroyed.
Done - Special accesories: Repairkit + RPG ALMUD.
Done - Time to repair a vehicle in dependance of the damage: (is posible to have a progress bar?)
0% - 15% = 5 Sekunden
16% - 30% = 10 Sekunden
31% - 50% = 15 Sekunden
51% - 99% = 20 Sekunden
Done - Change weapon by the other RPG (Non APEX). Wrong animation for vehicle reparation. Now is the medic animation, can you search an other one, more acurate?
15. Players will be able to respawn on a captured point if it has 51
8. Outside the invulnerability zone there will be a non-entrey aream (Size: 150x250) See attached pic
28. Disable special ability from Officer, Sniper and SF if they are inside the respan/no entry area. In order to use it they must be outside.
29. Add ADR to the weapon menu (ADR long canon, the brown or black model)
10. Each team will have specific roles with exclusive characteristics
- 1xOfficer: 
Done - Special action: He has 2x artillery attack (Area damabed by it 10x10). [strike]Recharging time 8min[/strike]. Artillery can not be thrown over the "no entry area" and  points that have to be captured. When he tries to select one of thes points he has a small message "Area protected"
Done - Missing message that the area selected is protected.
Special accesories: N/A
Done - No 2 min delay at the begin of each round.
Done - 10.2 Artillery obus x3 in a radius of 5m
Done - First Artillery request has only 2 missils instead of 3. Seccont Artillery request is ok.
10.3 Remove all message except for the Officer. He has a small message on the top of the screen "artillery incoming".
Done - Still to big on the center of the screen. Can you put it at the left side under the capturing points % (or where you want but not at the midle of the screen) In case that he select a non valide area a sound (brrrrr).
Done - 10.4 A 10 sec delay.
Done - 10.5 Can we implenete 1x Airstrike (We se airplains go over the market point). Also liek with artillery. Active after 2 min. No message except for the Offcer he has a smal message en the top of the screen about support incoming, no sound. 10 sec delay and can not be thrown over the "no entry area" and points that have to be captured.
Done - Remove rechargint time for artillery and airstrike. Put a counter 2x Artillery 1x Airstrike and the delay at the begin of each round to 2 min.
Done - Airstrike dont work.
- 2xSpecial Forces:
Done - Special action: Hallo Jump where he want on the map exept on the enemy No-entry area and inside the captur point area and 2x airdrop
Done - Special accesories: 2 explosives charges + 1 AT mine
Done - HALO jump must be available each time that the player make respawn at base (only at base). Missing 2 min delay at the beggin of a game.
Done- No 10 sec delay after requestin the airdrop. Put more time the airplain on the air after drop the box.
- 1xSniper: He can select on the map an area of 35x35 where awe can see the enemies during 20sec (Can we put a dron in the air?). Reloading time 8min. Similar as in Warlords. The Dron can be destroyed.
Done - Special action: He is the unique how can take/have a sniper rifle.
Special accesories: 1xAnti person Mine + Sniper rifle.
Done - Missing delay of 2 min at the begin of a game.
Done - Dron dispair after the 20 sec. Please implemente that he flyes away.
Done - Reduce reloading time to 5min.
Done - The dron is active during 3 sec. Please, put it active 20 sec
21. Capturing points/timer
Done - 1 player inside the capturing area:
- 100% = 20 sec
- 50% = 10 sec
Done - 2 players inside the capturing area:
- 100% = 18 sec
- 50% = 9 sec
Done - 3 or more players
- 100%  = 16 sec
- 50% = 8 sec
23. Point counter issue. You ged points without having the sector captured at 100%. Must be 100%
18. Any point can be captured at any time
19. Map will show the points to capture and which team has them.
16. Maps will be for a min of 8vs8 and max of 12vs12 match
13. The points/flags to capture will have a radius of 10 metres and will be only allowed to capture on foot, never from inside a vehicle. The points will always be buildings with a flag on top of them to show which team has captured it (also a neutral flag will be necessary. Use the same as in the CTF)
12. No fatigue
- 4xSoldiers
Special action: N/A
Special accesories: N/A
9. Weapon menu from the CTF
2. The winning team will be the first one to let the enemy with 0 points or the one with more points at the end of the 30 minutes
3. With Soldier respawn 
- At base: 1 sec respawn
- At mobil respawn: 10 sec respawn
- At captured point: 15 sec respawn
5. With transports vehicles:
quadas, offroads and trucks respawn if is damaged after 30 sec.
5.1 They respawn inmedialty. No timer set for vehicles if is damaged.
6. With offensive vehicles 
- No respaawn for all armed vehicles
7. Inside each team's base will be an invulnerability zone to avoid base killing (Size: 40x40) See attached pic
14. The points will have a score instead of a bar - if the red team has fully captured a point it will show 100/100 and if blue team is capturing it the score will deplete until it reaches 0 then it becomes a blue's team point with 100 points
Done - Can we have a % indicator/progress
27. 2xSpecial Forces: Request amobox. Same that we use for the Reparation/Amo station wit the same items (grenades, mines, smoke etc...). See falling the box with a parachut. When the box is on the floor a red or blue smoke is activated to mark the mok. Also on the map where the box is (Smal marker).
26. Let weapon recoil on.
25. Put the black weapons in both side without camo. (when is posible)
Issue - Missing for Mk20 and Mk20c
24. Artillery - Can we have the sound when the artilleri is fired?
22. Icon unde the sectores  with % of reloading of each abillity.
21. 3rd view disable except for littlebird
1. Timer: 30 min per round
Done - Limit until 45 min. Remove more time.

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22 Jan 2019 23:09 09 Oct 2019 19:30 by Flash-Ranger.
Electronic Sports Masters™
Electronic Sports Masters™
Posts: 16
Topic Author

ANOMALY - Respawn location names
Status : WIP
Respawn location names get mixed up. Charlie sometimes shows as Alpha and Alpha sometimes shows as "Near Kalachori"
Script Location: initServer.sqf line 341 & 354.

ANOMALY - Mobile Respawn
Status : WIP
Player respawning on mFOB will not be ejected and will end up in Driver seat.

ANOMALY - Magazines
Status : DONE
When changing weapons, player will keep some ammo from former weapon.
Changed line 7 in FnGetWeapon.sqf

ENHANCE - Bipods
Status : DONE
Add Bipods for all snipers of Sciper Role.
Added lines 68 to 72 in Main.sqf

ENHANCE - Tickets system
Status : WIP
One will get a side ticket if he is killed by an enemy.
If I kill you, you get one side ticket.
Fix : Modification of line 51 in initServer.sqf.

ANOMALY - Player model appears over body when respawning
Status : WIP
An Infantry model appears for 1ms above dead body when he respawns.
Arma 3 code issue that can be fixed.

ANOMALY - Actions can be performed during Intro scene
Status : WIP
Player simulation isn't disabled during Intro.
NOT reported in last game. Need more testing

Status : WIP
Game sometimes gets very laggy.
NOT reported in last game. Need more testing

ENHANCE - Randomise respawn location when respawning on sector
Status : WIP
Make player respawn at least 20 meters from other players (sometimes you just spawn in front of an enemy)
NOT reported in last game. Need more testing

ENHANCE - After Game
Status : WIP
Players can still play after game is over if they press escape on scoreboard.

Status : WIP
Put it in 1 line. Now when Blue team wins its displayed in 2 lines. Put a smaller size that fits in the square.
changed line 25 of fn_showWhoWon.sqf

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17 Sep 2019 11:33 18 Sep 2019 17:59 by Flash-Ranger.
Electronic Sports Masters™
Electronic Sports Masters™
Posts: 6
V1.0.0 - CHANGELOG 15 Sept. 2019

ANOMALY - Vehicle skins
Status : DONE
- Offroads respawn in default color (red) they need to stay the same even on respawn.
Fix : Added specific texture to respawn field in Vehicle Respawn modules.

ANOMALY - Vehicle respawn
Status : DONE
- Offroads/Mec-Offroad will respawn twice.
Fix : Vehicle Respawn modules > Respawn When Disabled > Disable.

Status : DONE
Add vanilla GPS to all players/roles
Fix : Commented line 36 to 53 in iniPlayerLocal.sqf.
Added line 50 in WeaponMenu3D\Main.sqf.
changed line 10 of hud.hpp

Status : DONE
JIP clients or side switch clients still have the 30seconds countdown even if game is way past that stage.
Fix : Commented line 24 to 29 in fn_westInit.sqf / fn_eastInit.sqf.

ENHANCE - 4 Sectors
Map with 3 points done can we also have one with 5 points?
- With 3 points
Status : DONE
- With 4 points
Status : TEST

ANOMALY - Vehicle respawn
Status : DONE
- Quads/Offroads/Mec-Offroad = 30s
- Pawnee = 60s
Fix : Respawn distance is now 100m for all respawning vehicles. Changes done on Modules and in Parms.hpp
The following user(s) said Thank You LORD

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23 Sep 2019 19:37 23 Sep 2019 19:40 by Flash-Ranger.
Electronic Sports Masters™
Electronic Sports Masters™
Posts: 6
V1.0.1 - CHANGELOG 23 Sept. 2019

ENHANCE - Repair Pawnee
Status : DONE
Need to create a repare area for the pawnee.
Added two actions in fn_addActions.sqf

ENHANCE - Apex Weapons
Status : DONE
Include Apex weapons to the WeaponMenu.
Added weapons in List_WeaponsSightsSide.sqf

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30 Sep 2019 19:43 04 Oct 2019 18:25 by Flash-Ranger.
Electronic Sports Masters™
Electronic Sports Masters™
Posts: 6
V1.0.2 - CHANGELOG 30 Sept. 2019

ANOMALY - Vehicle Respawn
Status : DONE
100m distance for vehicle distance doesn't work. 50m was better.
Brought all respawn distances to 50 and to 20 for Quad bikes.

ANOMALY - Weapon menu
Status : DONE
The weapon menu is not performing as expected.
Updated WeaponMenu.

ANOMALY - Opfor Pawnee skin
Status : DONE
skin of the Pawnee is not persistent.
Fixed a line in the Respawn module of the Opfor Pawnee.

ANOMALY - Respawn loadout
Status : DONE
All units will respawn with more grenades but less magazines.
Deleted loadout from WeaponMenu and added it in-game. It is saved after exiting WeaponMenu.

ANOMALY - Engineer repair
Status : DONE
Engineer cannot repair vehicles.
Added Toolkit to engineer.

ANOMALY - Name label
Status : DONE
Name label visible even when player is hidden (respawning)
Modification of line 143 of initPlayerLocal.sqf

ENHANCE - Revive
Status : DONE
All friendlies should be able to revive but only medic can Heal.
Changed params in respawn.hpp. Added action to fn_addActions.sqf.

ANOMALY - FOB animation
Status : DONE
Animation not global.
Commented out line 5 from fn_placeFOB.sqf.

ENHANCE - Weapon for the SF
Status : DONE
Put for the SF as first 4 option follow weapons:
+ Katiba GL 6.5 mm
+ Mk20 EGLM 5.56 mm
+ MX 3GL 6.5 mm
+ TRG-21 EGLM 5.56 mm
- For SF: 3 grenades for the launcher
Added weapons in List_WeaponsSightsSide.sqf
The following user(s) said Thank You LORD

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06 Oct 2019 19:27
Electronic Sports Masters™
Electronic Sports Masters™
Posts: 6
V1.0.3 - CHANGELOG 7 Oct. 2019

ANOMALY - Officer FOB destruction
Status : DONE
When an enemy destroys the Officer's FOB, the model (backpack) disappears but the FOB is still available for players to respawn on.
Changed lines 55 & 56 of fn_placeFOB.sqf.

ENHANCE - Friendly distance
Status : DONE
Indicate friendly player distance when incapacitated.
Added line 189 in initPlayerLocal.sqf & added fn_Hit.sqf.

ENHANCE - Incapacitate level
Status : DONE
Level of death is to high. Needs to be lowed to give a chance to revive.
Change param line 10 in respawn.hpp to 1.

ANOMALY - Bomb Marker
Status : DONE
Red circle marker for bombing area not always displayed.
Added marker in fn_airstrikeAction.sqf.

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