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1.1. The Electronic Sports Masters™ | SPECTRUM is an international competition hosted by us but created by the Arma community.
1.2. Game mode: Sector Control (SC)
1.3. Teams 5vs5vs5vs5 (4 Teams fight at the same time)
1.4. Free enrolment.
1.5. A minimum of 8 teams must be enrolled in order for the tournament to begin.
1.6. Should there be a draw in the ranking, it will be taken into account, from most to least important
⬝ >Points Scored [PS]
⬝ >Kills*
⬝ <Deaths*
⬝ Rematch between draw teams

*Without any wehicle. Only Infantry

1.7. The teams may register in any event they want as long as they meet the ping criteria. To know on which conference you will have to play each team must access the official servers and check their pings. If the ping does not exceed 150ms that will be the conference. The ESM™ provides the teams with a server in each conference (EU, US and AS) to let them perform all the required tests before the competition starts.
Electronic Sports Masters | OFFICIAL SERVER 1 [EU#FR]
IP/PORT: 2316
Electronic Sports Masters | OFFICIAL SERVER 3 [EU#DE]
Electronic Sports Masters | OFFICIAL SERVER 2 [EU#FR]
IP/PORT: 2322
Electronic Sports Masters | OFFICIAL SERVER 4 [EU#DE]
1.8. Enrolment in the league means the understanding and acceptance of all the rules, being each one responsible for their acts and possible consequences.
1.9. The main language in the forums will be English.
1.10. Remeber that befor you join the event:
a. Register your team and provide the Players ID or SteamID 64 (FAQ: "How to get your PID")
b. Setup your roster with the min required players (FAQ: "Team profile manager guide")
c. Joine the tournament (FAQ: "Create and register a team")
1.11. Players with VAC or BAN on his Steam profile are not allowed to play at ESM. If a player participates in a game he will be banned from the ESMand the team will be discalified from the event.
1.12. Event is based on an single-elimination draw.
1.13. The Organization expects a Fair Play on behalf of all the teams and players, do not forget that this is just a game.

2.1.1. Every enroled team must provide the name of an registered Manager and team Captain. The minimum number of enroled players will be 5, with no maximum amount. After register the team with the min. of 5 players the Manager can JOIN the tournament, otherwise the Organisation can remove the team from the event in order that other one can take his place. After starting the event the teams can update his roster except for semifinal and final match.
Manager: They will be the responsible/representative people in the team (they may or may not be players). Managers will be in charge of managing and enroling their team.
Captain: They will perform the duties of the Manager in their absence, and they need to be a player of the team.
2.1.1. Only players with a unique and valid ID will be allowed. Should two players be detected with an identical ID, they will be banned from the league, and they will lose all their personal records.
2.1.2. We recomend that any team that wish to enrol needs to have access to a private server game with the required official configuration (see rule 2.7.2) in which to play the games. Each group can enrol more than one team but with different players.
2.1.3. Players must be enroled in only one team during the whole event. If they are in more, he will be banned from the league.
2.1.4. Players can be enroled once the event has begun, exept the team has reaches the semifinal and/or final match.
2.1.5. Should a team play with a player that is not officially enroled, or with a different ID to the one given to the organization, the team will be punished with a severe infraction (Team warning), and the match will be regarded as lost.
2.1.6. Should a player receive more than 2 severe infractions (Player warning), the player will be banned from the tournament.
2.1.7. The Organization reserves the right to refuse admission of any team and/or player.
2.2.1. Match day/time for the event and each match will by anounced by the ESM Staff by creating a calendar. 
2.2.2. To play a match every team must show up with at least half (50%) of the players (3 players) for that specific match. Otherwise, the team who does not fulfil the rule will forfeit the match by 1-0. The team will be also declared "not presented" and the proper sanction and possible exclusion of the competition (Team fault). A team will forfeit the match if the minimal number of players is not reached after 5 minutes from the start time.
2.2.3. Should neither team be present, the match will be regarded as loss 1-0 to both teams (Team fault). None of the teams will be awarded any points.
2.2.5. Match must take place the same day, not allowing postponing any of them. Only due to server downtimes will it be possible, according to rule 2.2.13.
2.2.6. Teams (either one or both) are allowed to play with less but no more than 5 players (min. 3 players).
2.2.7. Matches will consist of one round of 30 minutes.
2.2.9. Teams (winner and loser) must take a screenshot of the results and player scores (by press "P", to overlay score board)  after the match. The winning team must upload the screenshots to the event thread (JoomSports area and to our Discrod (Chanell under MEDIA called -results) of the match within 24 hours, and the loser team can confirm the results within 24 hours. If the winning team does not have the screenshots, the loser team must provide them. In case none of them can provide screenshots, the match will be regarded as loss by 0-100 to both teams.
2.2.10. The scoring of the matches is:
⬝ Win: Grant access to the next round
⬝ Defeat: No losers bracket. The team is eliminated from the tournament
⬝ Draw Not posible. Check rule 1.6. 
2.2.11. In case of a first server downtime, the match will be restarted from scratch, unless there are only 5 minutes left to the regulation time and can be proved with screenshots. If there is a second server downtime, the match will take place on the away team server. Should there be another downtime, the match will take place on the day, time and place (server) that the Organization decides.
2.3.1. Everything with reference to the SPECTRUM event, result publication, member enrolment, and any other topic related to the management and/or organization of the competition has to be dealt through the official ESM™ site or Discord. Any of these arrangements made out of the forum will not be valid.
2.3.2. Lack of respect, insults, or treating any topic not referent to the league are prohibited unless a forum is enable for off topic.
2.3.3. Any incident will be assessed by authorised people (Manager or Captain) and in the "Complaint" forum set up for the matter and the representatives of the teams involved.
2.4.1. Every player must have the last official version (not DEV version) of the game. Should a new patch of more than 500 MB be released, teams may postpone their matches a week so every team can update their game clients and servers.
2.4.2. Mods and addons are not allowed during the event exept if the maps are created with it.
2.4.3. Cheats are completely off-limits. The inability to fulfil this rule will mean the permanent ban of the player and the teama (they will lose all their records).
2.4.4. What is a “lag test” and how can we make it?:
We recommend that before the different matches a “5 min lag test” should be performed unless decided otherwise by the teams.
The match will begin announcing that a lag test is going to be carried out, leaving the mission running for 5 minutes (Lag test can be set under Parameters in the game). Those minutes should be used to see if any player has desync.
Every player will go to the centre of the map. After they meet, the responsible person of a team will kill, one by one, all the rival players to see whether they die correctly. After that, the responsible player of the second team will do the same.
These are the maximum allowances/recommendation stated by the ESM™:
* Player can join with a higher ping but if a team reports any issue during the 5 min lag-test, they have to contact an admin in order to take a decision. Admin can dismiss player from the match if needed.
2.4.5. What happens when the server on which we are going to play does not have the official configuration of the ESM™?
The scores obtained on the rounds played on it will be valid.
If anyone notice that the server is not configured as it should be before finishing one of the two rounds ten minutes will be given to solve this problem or the match will be moved to:
a. In the first place to the opponent's server.
b. If this one is on the same conditions then the match will be moved to the organization's official server.
c. If the organization's server is busy because of an official match the match will be postponed and it will have to be played during the following week as well as the one programed for that week, i.e., you will have to play the postponed match + the one corresponding to the next week.
NOTE | If a player has a ping of more than 150ms, it can be requested to move the match to one of the servers provided by the Organization. If it is still over 150ms and after a Lag test a team reports any issue with him, the Team Manager/Captain can contact an admin in order that they take a decision about if he can play or not.
2.5.1. Every accusation has to be made through the "Complaint" forum, and has to provide visual evidence (video, screenshot, or server logs). Without evidence, any complaint will be dismissed, and will mean the disqualification for the rest of the tournament to the team member that has committed this defamation.
2.5.2. Trying to cheat on the Organization with fake evidence will end in the permanent ban of the member.
2.6.1. Only the maps provided by the Organization can be used in matches. Under no circumstances will these maps be modified. Should any modification be detected, the match will have to be retaken on a date that the Organization see fit. 
2.6.4. There will be a small “respawn” area protected by both buildings and a script preventing spawn-killing. Shooting any person or vehicle in that area will no have a penalization.
2.6.5. Bug abusing is forbidden. Proving with visual evidence that a team abusing game bugs, such as walking through walls, containers, be under a building, or doing any physically impossible activity, the team that is abusing those bugs, the match will be regarded as defeat and he receive a Team warning. Should any scripting or editing problem arise, these have to be communicated immediately to the Organization so they can supervise it. If the problem is game breaking, the Organization will decide if the map should be swapped or the problem solved. If the map has to be swapped, only the complainant team and any team with a pending match will have to change the map.
2.6.6. Maps have 4 civilian slots (2 for each side: BI CAM) that can be used to supervise/stream (no restriction). This can only be done if a minimum of 5 minute delay is applied to the emission. 
2.7.1. Maximum ping recommended is 150ms provided that desync is 0. If a player has desync they cannot play, even if it is very low (Desync = 0). If a team member detects a player with desync that has to be communicated to the Manager or Captain through in-game chat, taking a screenshot as evidence. If after 5 minutes the player still has desync ≠ 0 the player will have to leave the server immediately. Should the player not leave after a second warning, the complainant team may ask in the forum to be awarded the game as Win by 1-0, only if the provide evidence through screenshots proving the pass of time, the desync and two warnings to the player.
2.7.2. Every server must have the same configuration to play a match. This configuration is: (file available on our download zone)
⬝ Veteran mode
⬝ Third person view disabled
⬝ Crosshairs disabled
⬝ verifySignatures=2;  (to avoid unsigned addons creating problems in the server)
2.7.3. Should a player drop connection he can reconnect as much as needed, but only if that player was already in the game.
2.7.4. Player changes will not be allowed in a round unless done before the start of the game. If a player drops connections during a game and cannot reconnect, the affected team has to play with one player less during the round. Players cannot be replaced by other player until the end of the round.
2.7.5. If a team starts the round with less than 6 players, the rest of the players can join the match any time until the agreed player’s number is reached.
2.7.6. Third place match and final will be played at the Official ESM™ servers.

The Organization may modify, adapt, or improve these rules as long as they see fit for the good running of the tournament.
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