Each nomination requires:


    • The nominee’s information
    • Details of achievements
    • Supporting material


Each and every nomination is saved and compiled into a report ( template) that is sent to the panel ( for consideration during Process 1. Nominations will be open until November 1st (See Process 2 for details).





    • Process 1 | Shortlisting


The ESM™ Awards Panel will compile a shortlist of finalists from the nominations (max. of 5), based on the awards criteria provided by the ESM™ Awards. The finalists will then be publicly announced. Each panel member has the right to request consideration of any omitted nominees.



    • Process 2 | Finalist's announced


The finalists will be announced in October November. All candidates who are successful in making the shortlist will have the opportunity to supplement their entry with further details between the shortlist announcement date and the 1st of December. This stage allows entrants to include achievements and relevant material from the season for the information of the judging panel.



    • Process 3 | Community vote


The winner of the Ambassador of the year award is decided by the community vote combined with the judging votes. The community vote is worth 25%, and the panel counts for 75%. Voting will be done through our Discord channel #◽-poll-awards.

This creates a balanced approach to establishing rightful winners, ensuring the community is considered while maintaining the weighting of the expert panel giving distinction to those that deserve it.



    • Process 4 | Judging panel


Our expert panel will convene prior to the awards and, after a lengthy discussion, will each vote on their winner.

Each panelist will vote independently for their 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed finalists.

The finalists will be awarded points based on the number of votes their receive from the panel.

These votes will be counted and verified by our independent ESM™ Awards Committee. These will remain highly confidential until the night of the awards.



    • Process 5 | Community voting closes


The community vote closes on December 15th, before our awards ceremony and the ballots are counted and verified.



    • Process 6 | Vote adjudication


After the community vote closes, the finalists are given points based on their ranking from the community vote, equating to 25% of the total vote weighting.

The community points are combined with the panel-voted points and the verified totals are created to decide the winner.



    • Additional information - Tiebreaker

In the event of a tiebreaker in which two finalists are locked on the same points after the panel and community votes have been adjudicated, the decision is referred back to the community vote.



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