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The following event rules are a complement and refer to the "Legal Terms".
The ESM may modify, adapt, or improve these rules as long as they see fit for the good running of the tournament.
1.1. This is a 6vs6 tournament in the “Capture the Flag” (CTF) modality.
1.2. PRO Circuit-specific rules:
- The team enrolment fee is €15 which will NOT be reimbursed at the end of the competition.
- Teams have 1 month before the start of the event to make the payment. Otherwise, they will lose their slot and will be replaced by another contestant.
1.3. The main language in the forums will be English, except for the National Championships which will be the language of each country.
1.4. Remember that before you join a tournament:
a. Register your team and provide the Players ID (Arma 3 UID) (FAQ: "How to create and register a Team [Short]").
b. Set up your roster with the minimum required players.
c. Join the tournament.
1.5. To maintain balance, the First, and Second place of the previous tournament can't play against each other in the first round of the event.
1.6. The Organization expects Fair Play on behalf of all the teams and players, do not forget that this is just a game.
2.1.1. A minimum of 6 teams must be enrolled in order for the tournament to begin.
2.1.2. Should there be a draw in the ranking/match, it will be considered from most to least important:
⬝ >Flags scored [FS]
⬝ >Flag touches [FT]
⬝ >Kills
⬝ <Deaths
⬝ Rematch 2 rounds on the same map
2.1.3. The teams may register in any tournament they want as long as they meet the ping criteria. To know at which conference you will have to play each team must access the official servers and check their pings. If the ping does not exceed 75ms that will be the conference. The ESM™ provides the teams with a server in each active conference to let them perform all the required tests before the competition starts.
Electronic Sports Masters | OFFICIAL SERVER EU#01
Electronic Sports Masters | OFFICIAL SERVER EU#03
Electronic Sports Masters | OFFICIAL SERVER EU#02
Electronic Sports Masters | OFFICIAL SERVER EU#04
Electronic Sports Masters | OFFICIAL SERVER US#01
2.1.4. The tournament is based on a double-elimination draw with a lower bracket. Below are the brackets for 8 teams:
⬝ As displayed in the bracket scheme below, Servers and side assignments are pre-defined. This may change on event day in case of technical difficulty. Any change will be communicated to the Team Manager by event Admins.
ESM double elimination draw and loosers bracketA
2.1.5. Winner team gets 3 points for the overall classification for the Hall of Fame, except for the National Championships (there are no points).
    A-Series    PRO Circuit
1st place
6 points
9 points
2nd place 4 points 7 points
3rd place 2 points 5 points


2.1.6. Prize
   A-Series PRO Circuit
1st place MVP award
+ Medal 
+ €30
2nd place N/A    €20
3rd place N/A    €15
2.1.7. Every enrolled team must provide the name of a registered Manager and/or team captain (can be the same person). A minimum of 6 players must be enrolled per team, with no maximum amount. After creating the team, the Manager can register it for the desired open tournament. Otherwise, the Organization can remove the team from the tournament in order that another one can take his place.
Manager: They will be the responsible/representative people in the team.
Captain: They will perform the duties of the Manager in their absence.
2.1.8. Only players with a unique and valid ID will be allowed. Should two players be detected with an identical ID, they will be kicked off the tournament and lose all their personal records.
2.1.9. Players must be enrolled in only one team during the whole tournament.
2.1.10. A player who is not enrolled is not allowed to participate in the event and can't be enrolled while the match is ongoing.
2.2.1. Match day for the tournament
For 8 teams: (Played during 1 weekend)
# Weekend 1    # Weekend 1
⬝ Quarter-final Saturday / 19:30 CET / CEST         ⬝ Lower Bracket's R2 Sunday / 18:00 CET / CEST
⬝ Semi-final Saturday / 21:00 CET / CEST   ⬝ Third place Sunday / 19:30 CET / CEST
⬝ Lower Bracket's R1 Saturday / 21:00 CET / CEST   ⬝ Final Sunday / 21:00 CET / CEST
For >8 teams: (Played during 2 weekends)
# Weekend 1   # Weekend 2
⬝ Quarter-final Saturday / 19:30 CET / CEST         ⬝ Lower Bracket's R3 Saturday / 19:30 CET / CEST
⬝ Semi-final Saturday / 21:00 CET / CEST   ⬝ Lower Bracket's R4 Saturday / 21:00 CET / CEST
⬝ Lower Bracket's R1 Sunday / 19:30 CET / CEST   ⬝ Third place Sunday / 19:30 CET / CEST
⬝ Lower Bracket's R2 Sunday / 21:00 CET / CEST   ⬝ Final  Sunday / 21:00 CET / CEST
2.2.2. To play a match, every team must show up with at least half (50%) of the players (3 players) for that specific match. Otherwise, the team who does not fulfil the rule will forfeit the match by 0-5. The team will be punished with a severe infraction. A team will forfeit the match if the minimum number of players is not reached after 5 minutes from the start time.
2.2.3. Should neither team be present, the match will be regarded as a loss by 0-5 to both teams.
2.2.4. Only a delay of 5 minutes per round/start will be allowed for the match.
2.2.5. Both rounds must take place on the same day, and cannot be postponed, even if both teams reach an agreement. 
2.2.6. Teams (either one or both) are allowed to play with less but no more than 6 players (min. 3 players).
2.2.7. Matches will consist of two rounds on the same map and day, being each round 30 minutes with a limit of 5 flags per round. Rounds will end in regulation time or when a team captures 5 flags.
2.2.8. Sides for the first round are determined by the order you have drawn out. For the second round, the teams must switch sides.
2.2.9. Teams (winner and loser) must take a screenshot of the results and player scores after each round. The winning team must upload the screenshots to the event thread in our Discord (Chanel under MEDIA called #-results) of the match within 24 hours. If the winning team does not have the screenshots, the loser team must provide them. In case none of them can provide screenshots, the match will be regarded as a loss of 0-5 to both teams.
2.2.10. The scoring of the matches is:
⬝ Win Grant access to the next round
⬝ Defeat Lower bracket or if is the 2nd defeat the team is eliminated from the tournament
⬝ Draw Not possible. Check rule 2.1.2. 
2.2.11. In case of server downtime, the match will be restarted from the beginning. If there is a second server downtime, the match will take place on another ESM Official server.
2.2.12. All Teams and their players must be connected to the ESM Teamspeak server for the duration of their playtime. Only the players who will play the matches can be connected to the same channel as their team.
2.3.1. Everything about the tournament like result publication, member enrolment, or any other topic related to the management of the competition has to be dealt with through Discord. Any of these arrangements made outside these channels will not be valid.
2.4.1. The map selection for each match will be provided by ESM Staff. To have greater variety and rotation in the maps, the organization has decided to remove previously played maps from the draw. They will be included again in the next event.
2.4.2. Maps have 10 Spectator slots that can only be used by the ESM or people designated by it.
2.5.1. What is a “lag test” and how can we make it:
We recommend that before the different matches a “5-min lag test” should be performed unless decided otherwise by the teams.
The match will begin by announcing that a lag test will be carried out, leaving the mission running for 5 minutes (The lag test can be set under Parameters in the game). Those minutes should be used to see if any player has desync.
Every player will go to the centre of the map. After they meet, the responsible person of a team will kill, one by one, all the rival players to see whether they die correctly. Thereafter, the responsible player of the second team will do the same.
These are the maximum allowances/recommendation stated by the ESM™:


NOTE | *Players can join with a higher ping but if a team reports any issue during the 5 min Lag-test, they have to contact an admin to take a decision. Admin can dismiss a player from the match if needed.
2.5.2. Should a player drop connection he can reconnect as much as required, but only if that player was already in the game. If a player drops connections during a game and cannot reconnect, the affected team has to play with one player less during the round. Player changes are not allowed in a round unless done before the start of each round. If a team starts the round with less than 6 players, the missing players can join the match at any time (JIP) until the max player number is reached.
2.5.3. Should desync be observed during a match, players must report it immediately to the admin. The Admin will be responsible for taking the decision to, kick the player, restart the round or let the gameplay.
If no Admin is available:
  1. Both teams should immediately agree on the previously listed action to take.
  2. If they cannot agree, the round should be completed without interruption.
  3. The unsatisfied team should file a complaint and provide evidence of a Server lag or a player desync (player list where the desync and ping are displayed).
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