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Comando Lobo
Comando preparado para intervenir en cualquier situación, desplegar en cualquier parte del mundo y cumplir con cualquier misión que se les asigne.

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Date Team Location Result
06-06-2020 19:30 SOLDIERS OF FORTUNEAway

Name Matches played Role Arma3 UiD Birth date Gender
0 0 0 Manager 76561198018273489 25-05-1990 (31) Male
0 0 0 Captain 76561198100307108 27-04-2000 (21) Male
0 0 0 Player 76561198143014641 Male
0 0 0 Player 4336565465654645 Male
0 0 0 Player 76561197993307514 31-03-1986 (35) Male
0 0 0 Player 76561198810451533 Male
0 0 0 Player 76561198034237887 11-07-1992 (28) Male
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