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Electronic Sports Masters™ is the world’s largest e-Sports organizer that produces online PvP video game competitions focused exclusively on Arma 3 and upcoming games in the franchise of Bohemia Interactive since 2015.







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. Interview by Eli "Caberfries" Simmons.- Electronic Sports Masters™

| News editor & interviewer.


jaguar       [J] Doker wrote: "Our primary goal is to take 1st place in Season 1, and then see how it goes. I think with the purpose of playing groups."




ESM™ | The first week of ESM done, what have you taken away from your first match with the Red Mosquitos?


[J] Doker | Well, the game against the RMC has been complicated by the fact that this is our first experience of the game in this mode,
as well as the fact that the command RMC has more experience. But it was an invaluable experience for us and we will work on the bugs.



ESM™ | As team manager, what challenges have you run into so far as you essentially keep your team organized?


[J] Doker | I try to explain to my comrades that if you want to be the best squad, then you need to be disciplined. In case of violation of discipline apply different penalties (expulsion, suspension from games, shot during the game).
To difficulties that I face, I probably would have carried the fact that members of the squad like fun, like to do a variety of pranks.



ESM™ | What is the image you seek for your team in the professional Arma 3 atmosphere?


[J] Doker | I do not know what to say. I think that Arma is not intended for professional game, most likely it is necessary in order that would be after a day of fun and atmospheric time for a great game, but that's my opinion.



ESM™ | Do you or your team members have a favorite ESM™|CTF map?


[J] Doker | When we looked at the training maps, the opinion about which map is better - dispersed, but still, I would pick 3 maps - The Factory, The Hill and Girna (Stratis). All of them are unique and demand individual tactics during the game.



ESM™ | How long have you and your team been playing the ArmA series and what do you like the most about these games?


[J] Doker | I started playing in the series arma in July 2011, then it was still Arma 2. My first squad was and is Jaguar. I started with the usual soldier and now I am the team manager. Here's a career ladder for me; Jaguar squad was founded in January
2011 and it included only representatives of our city (Ukraine, Krivoi Rog). Then we played one time in a week against the Coop vs bots. In 2012, our group began to engage representatives from Russia, and after the players from Belarus and Latvia.
In 2013 we moved to Arma 3 and February 2014, we have to play against other teams on some of the most popular projects at this moment on the territory of the CIS (Weekly Open Games, Hardmode games, Sunday's game). To understand what these projects are, just imagine, on the server ~ 180-190 people divided into two sides, each side has a commander who controls all the troops of his hand, and each side has its own task, its equipment and the fraction, and the game turned into really steep tactful operation. That's what we like about ArmA.



ESM™ | What are your goals for your team in this first season?


[J] Doker | Our primary goal is to take 1st place in Season 1, and then see how it goes. I think with the purpose of playing groups.



ESM™ | Do you think you and your team have what it takes to come out on top?


[J] Doker | I am confident that we have everything to win the first place, the problem is that we are not alone.



ESM™ | What are your thoughts on the map structure and game rules that have been set-up here at ESM™?


[J] Doker | With regard to the rules: I do not like that some of the rules have changed during the games, but we have to accept this fact. This format of games for us in the new product, but personally I do not like this regime, I prefer to play 70vs70 or 80vs80.



ESM™ | What do you see in the future for ArmA as an official e-Sport? Is it possible for this game series to be as big as CS:GO or do you think it will always be a niche game for players that appreciate realism?


[J] Doker | I have always believed and will hope that the ArmA series will still be hardcore games with the maximum emphasis on realism.
Because of this many people love it. This is my personal opinion, as manager of the team and may be different from the personal opinion of players



ESM™ |  Thank you for your time, Doker, and good luck on the coming matches.



Eli "Caberfries" Simmons
News editor & interviewer
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Electronic Sports Masters™ (ESM), is the world’s largest e-Sports organizer that produces online PvP video game competitions focused exclusively on Arma 3 and upcoming games in the series of Bohemia Interactive a.s.
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