Today we have the opportunity to interview [HA] BlackWolf, manager of team HA [CCCP]. Interview by Eli "Caberfries" Simmons.- Electronic Sports Masters™

| News editor & interviewer.

ESM LOGO B       [HA] BlackWolf  wrote: "Our army did not participate in leagues for 5 years, veterans of past leagues remaining units. But we try to stay strong and friendly squad."




ESM™ | The first few weeks of ESM passing, what have you taken away from this season so far?


[HA] BlackWolf | Yes, the first week of the league passed fairly quickly. And it's very exciting. We have both defeat and victory.



ESM™ | As team manager, what challenges have you run into so far as you essentially keep your team organized?


[HA] BlackWolf |  I would rather speak as a signaller. By linking our team to other teams in the league. More complexity in the role of the manager is not there. Due to the fact that I soon will not be able to participate in his party will take the role of manager of another soldier of our army. I paved the way for an initial victory.



ESM™ | What is the image you seek for your team in the professional Arma 3 atmosphere?


[HA] BlackWolf | Our army did not participate in leagues for 5 years, veterans of past leagues remaining units. But we try to stay strong and friendly squad.



ESM™ | Do you or your team members have a favorite ESM | CTF map?


[HA] BlackWolf | We do not have a favorite maps. We like a more open and broad map, where we are not restricted and can change the tactics of warfare, depending on the actions of the other side.



ESM™ | What do you think of the map layout and game rules so far?


[HA] BlackWolf | Rules and maps we are quite satisfied, there was no doubt that within a certain period of time, the rules will edit and correct to the best. Of course I would like to see some more of your maps, which are not represented in the league.



ESM™ | Do you have practice regiments or routines for your team?


[HA] BlackWolf | In general, our army is positioned on running battles with other units at the platoon / mouth. Before regimental fighting we still very, very far away. We often organize friendly meetings with different groups from different countries, such as BDR (Italy), UTG (Ukraine), UO (United States), VTR (Russia, Far East), and others. It is also involved in the project Rolling Tunder, Arma Tactical Combat , Serious Games at Tushino.



ESM™ | What are your goals for this season of ESM?


[HA] BlackWolf | Our goal to go to the previous level, and achieve success in the league.



ESM™ | Do you believe you can come out on top?


[HA] BlackWolf | Not only victory to wait, it is necessary to take the win!


ESM™ | Thank you for your time and patience with me, Blackwolf. I wish you luck in the upcoming matches!



Eli "Caberfries" Simmons
News editor & interviewer
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